Hi, hello, welcome!
My name is Kelley, I’m a designer/creator dude.

I explore and experiment a lot, it’s how I come up with the most positive results. My process tends to look a bit like this:

Make a thing,
Blow the thing up,
Sort through the pieces,
Make something of beauty from these pieces.

Beauty can mean function, or value, or simply visual beauty. It is the entire positive experience. Finding beauty in how we live shows us what is working. Anything that stands in the way of it is where we can improve. Beauty is always moving, changing and growing, but enjoying and being present in the process towards it is special.

In medium my work is broad, ranging from brand design to motion, typography to photography. I enjoy exploring mediums and platforms that I haven’t worked with before, and learning what they offer over ones that I’m familiar with.

School and Grad Showcase

I recently graduated with the class of YSDN2017. Our grad showcase took place around the city last April, for which I was Content Manager of the Digital/Interactive team. This meant collecting and sorting everyone's work, getting it on our website, and preparing it for the interactive kiosks that we had on display. I also headed our class portaits for web and the printed publication, including set up/tear down plans, shooting, editing, and formatting for consistency. An experience that was more stressful, but also more enjoyable than I had expected.

Other Endevours

I make a lot of music, and combine visuals and audio when I can (Union Utopia for example.) My latest musical project under the name of TNYARMS can be heard on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. If you take a listen, I'd love to know what you think about it, Shoot me an email :)