Kelmo Sans

Kelmo sans is a geometric sans serif typeface designed for branding.

Taking cues from futura and source sans, Kelmo Sans was created to refresh the geometric look without some of the less cooperative aspects of older geometric typefaces. With branding in mind, this typeface is meant to be legible at many sizes, and could be used for logo marks as well as short form body copy.

Inspiration and Features

Futura is one of my favourite typefaces, it’s a go to candidate when choosing a display typeface, but tend I to run into issues with the long ascenders, the bowl-less lowercase j, and it’s extreme pointiness overall. This is where Source Sans came in, with it's fuctionality. I love Futura's height and triangular nature, and maintained much of this with Kelmo Sans while slightly chopping the points off as to keep the eye reading along a horizontal line. Admittedly, the ascenders are still a bit tall, which I would like to address in a future variation within the Kelmo Sans family.


Named Kelmo Sans, it was originally created to brand myself as an electronic musician, as I sometimes go by “Kelmo” depending on the style of music I am writing. I always enjoyed geometric and blocky typefaces in the branding of techno and other electronic genres, they stood out among many of the grungy typefaces that have become popular in other genres recently. I was looking to create something that had both the sterile ‘techno-futuristic’ look, but was easy to read and had some character.